Monday, March 23, 2009

Forgot to tell you!

I keep forgetting to tell you that I found the greatest thing for spray starch appliqué lovers.  Best Press!  I don’t think I’ll be appliquéing without it.  Why?  Because I hardly EVER have to clean my iron!  I can prep an entire quilt and only clean my iron once. 

Best Press

In the life of a spray “starcher” this is a huge thing! No more scorching, starch build-up, flakes, well you get the picture.  I’d carry it on my web site, but the shipping would cost as much as the bottle.  So go to your local quilt shop and tell them you want to try it! 

Go ahead, call me lazy.  Call me willing to pay more so I don’t have to clean.  I’ll admit my pet peeve about starch appliqué is cleaning the craft iron. 

I’m not the only one at Bunny Hill who is a bit lazy.  I had to clean around our Mooch cat she was so INTO her nap.  Pleassseeee can someone make this cat a sleeping mask? 

Miss Mooch

Photo frame courtesy of a Jessica Sprague class!

Oh and one more thing before I forget.  I’m tracking the UPS truck.  It left Jacksonville, Florida on the 18th carrying several cartons of Chelsea Manor fabric.  It should arrive here on Wednesday.  That means a give away is coming very soon! 

Have a great day!