Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been thinking about this area all day. Working on applique has left me with lots of time to think.

All those beautiful old houses, and large old trees...

The Houston area feels a bit like home, like an old friend. A friend in comfortable clothing, who's easy to embrace. A friend I can picture in my mind long after I leave. One that I'll visit again as early as this October, God willing.

I hope and pray that the storm will spare this wonderful friend.

It was 3 years ago last October, when we made the trip to Galveston after Quilt market. It's a short drive from Houston, maybe 1/2 hour. It took almost a half day to get there because we had to stop at all the quilt shops along the way. The Galveston area has a lot of old, historic houses. The kind that take your breath away. We got out of the car and walked the streets of Galveston taking pictures. It was so inspiring!

Now that the people from this area are evacuating, fearing for the worst, please remember them in your prayers.

And say a prayer for all the little animals...

And the people who have made this beautiful area their home.