Sunday, September 7, 2008

Applique in the works

Do you wonder where I've been? I'm feeling lost without all of you! Wish you could all come over and help me!

I've been working on my new applique block of the month and It's consuming all my time. I swear I've replaced fabrics, redrawn the patterns, and changed my mind at least 20 times. I'm impossible to live with when I'm working on one of these, and until it's finished I live, breath and dream the quilt.

Some applique quilts go together easy and others take a bit more time. I've come to expect it... "I Believe in Angels" was one of those quilts that just fell into place...

...and "All Things Christmas" took a LOT of work...I swear my friend Anne almost quit being my friend when I was working on this quilt! The stories she could tell!

From start to finish each quilt has it's own personality.

After many hours spent at the computer writing the pattern, and endless hours of work, maybe, just maybe, I'll have another quilt to show for it!

And see this little gem above? Well, it just didn't work in the quilt and I couldn't use it. Even after sewing together all those little 1" squares. If at first you don't succeed... stay with me! I'll try and make it worth it. (: