Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Home!

Hi Everyone! I'm home! I have to say there is NO place like home after a week at quilt market. We had a ball, but we are all tired bunnies! We laughed, talked, shopped, sold, ate, and hardly slept. And what do you think my husband thought when he saw this waiting for him at the airport? Luckily I flew Southwest so I could bring two bags. I only had to pay for a "few" extra. Can you believe these are filled with fabric? Tee Hee! (:Truth be told, this is a display in the baggage claim area of the Sacramento airport. I just couldn't resist a photo! Don't you love it? Talk about creative!

It was such an exciting week. And at the end of market I found out that my friend Meg over at Crabapple Hill and myself had both won a booth prize! It was just beyond exciting! I took some photos of her booth so you can get an idea of the unbelievable display.

This is the Christmas section...

This is the Halloween Section...

Meg's pictures were taken by that famous photographer Anne Sutton. She's the one who is known for the "weet reams" pillow. You've heard of her haven't you?

My booth photos were taken by that famous photographer Gregory Case!

This is the chandelier I bought after the Houston Quilt Market at Quakertown Quilts. I "had" to have it! Bitty Bird jumped right in! I think she thought it was a nesting place!

Look at those famous pillows...and the now famous concrete bunny. Why is he famous? Because I made my bunny staff go out an buy him in Portland. He weighs a TON but I think he's why I won the award. I'm sure of it! To get him out to the car we had to strap him on top of a suitcase and roll him out.

Anne Bryson and me! She's my best friend and she works for Bunny Hill. For those of you who know her, you know how lucky I am. I have to keep that quiet or she may ask for a raise! (: So, what does it take to win Best Single Booth? It takes a team load of people who are willing to put up with me! At every market we set up our booth on the first day, have a meeting over dinner, I think about the booth at night and the next morning we tear down and start again! Really it's so silly, but I just can't help it, and now the bunny staff expects it!

It's things like putting up the valance and then making them take it down so we could sew on the 20 buttons I brought with me. It's things like my friend Nancy finding the perfect antique planter stand to keep our patterns in and me knowing she has such good taste that if she says it will work I buy it sight unseen. It's things like Nireko standing on a ladder and steaming all the drapes and quilts for over an hour and then after she's done, carrying in the concrete bunny all the way from the loading dock. It's things like moving all the furniture around while I stand outside the booth and say yes or no. It's things like moving the quilts around over and over until each on is displayed in the perfect way.

Thank you bunnies for ALL your help. I obviously couldn't do it without you! I'd be winning the "good try but didn't make it award". (:

Next post you'll get pictures of my famous friends and more wonderful booths!