Thursday, April 3, 2008

I vote for every day to be this nice!

Did anyone watch Martha today? Well, my friend Chickie was in the audience! Yes she was there to behold Martha's cupcakes in all their glory. She was there to see Martha herself and Chick bought a new pair of shoes just to sit in the audience! Seems they have a dress code for the audience and you never know when the camera will show your shoes, so she was ready. The funny part is that Chickie is one of the most elegant women you will ever see. She could meet Martha any day of the week, while the rest of us look for a place to hide. Hope you had fun Chickie! Better rest those feet tonight. LOL!

And look at the little bunny I got in the mail today! It's a present from Sangeeta at I met Sangeeta over the phone several years ago when she called to order patterns. She was so charming and we bonded from the start. Now we consider ourselves true friends even though we've never met. It's amazing how quilting can bring us all together! And the best thing about this little bunny is she's filled with chocolate! The kind of chocolate that helps you do everything better! I so needed this! Thank you Sangeeta! I LOVE my bunny (:

Then the UPS man pulled up and delivered fabric! "Flowers for Emma" arrived by the bolt. Bolts to cut up, sew with, and make things with! If you're looking for this fabric you can find it on my son's web site at He and his wife Diana, run the web site that sells all the Bunny Hill Embellishment kits, and now you can find my fabric there too! Wait until you see the patterns we have coming that use this fabric. Coming soon, I promise!

So now that the fabric is here I feel a giveaway coming! Check back soon! Maybe tomorrow (: