Thursday, April 17, 2008

Four weeks and counting

Yesterday was the start of the four week count down to Quilt Market. It's a shock when you realize how little time is left and how much you still have to get done. The only reason I have a chance of arriving with finished projects, is because my friends come to my rescue when I need them. As market approaches I get offers of help and their friendship pulls me through.

Kris and Bobbie have my little winter quilt.

They are stitching away on snowmen!

Kristine my quilter is busy with Mary...

Hope she doesn't give her any trouble! (:

Anne has the stack of baby flannel and she's making two baby quilts.

Nireko is finishing a tote bag for me.

Nireko and Heidi are working away trying to applique my Christmas blocks.

And I am writing patterns, assembling Christmas blocks, finishing little projects, trying to plan my booth, working on brochures, order forms, and all the things you need for market.

I always wonder if I'll make it and then my friends show up.
Nancy will be here in a few weeks to pack me up and get me organized.

Sue my graphic artist helps me with pattern writing and diagrams.

My printer and my photographer are working endless hours.

And Chelsea is sleeping next to me in her new little bed. What a dog! Wish I could teach her to sew!

It takes a cast of thousands to get me to market! LOL!

So, when you buy a Bunny Hill Pattern, be sure and look on the back to see the list of friends that helped. When I show you the market pictures, you'll be able to put faces to the names. Thank you, thank you to all my friends. I couldn't do Bunny Hill without you!