Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Small, but Tough

Small but tough I hope! Tonight I am the one feeling like a "dog". I've been working all day in my studio and Chelsea's been with me. As we went about our normal activity I kept looking at her today, and feeling like such a heel. Tomorrow she has to be at the vet by 7:15 AM so she can have surgery. She looks and acts very normal right now so it's really hard to take her. I even called the vet just to make sure we were doing the right thing. Yes, she said, those little knees have to be fixed.

It's just not fair. A dog should automatically have good knees. Knees that last for life, knees that let her catch balls, run and play. Just plain old good knees! Maybe after tomorrow.

Here she is with Max, one of our cats.

When I looked I found her tucked in a small drawer full of fabric today.

Small but tough, I hope.

Tomorrow will be a long day for both of us. I'll let you know how she does.