Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Day!

Hi everyone! Chelsea is feeling really good. She's walking all over the house and I can see my next problem is going to be how to keep her quiet. It's a good problem to have so I'll take it!

Now that she's feeling better, I can get back to work! This morning I spent time in my studio, working on my new block of the month. Last year, when I was working on "All Things Christmas" I showed you a piece of fabric and asked you to guess what it would be in the quilt. Well none of you guessed although you had some great ideas! Don't know if you remember, but it turned out to be the body of this stocking.

Well, look at this tiny sketch I drew this morning. I'm going to use it in my new Christmas quilt. I hope you'll be surprised when you see where it goes. If you can guess, come May, you could win a free pattern. You'll have to wait until May to see if anyone wins because I can't let the sketch out of the bag just yet! Here's a hint; it's very whimsical. Oh there's that magic word again. The word I LOVE so much!

It's from these little tiny sketches that I design my appliqué quilts. I come up with a theme and then draw lots of sketches. I keep my sketches loose, and don't worry about how they look at this point. I just need the ideas on paper so I can remember them! Then I layout the quilt on graph paper, and pull together the sketches I think will work. Finally I take my "idea sketches", turn them into simplified drawings for appliqué, add pieced blocks and spacing blocks and ta da...a new quilt is on it's way! By the time you see the little sketch above, it will be all cleaned up, and appliquéd! Yes, there's a bit of embroidery in it too!

I'll show you a bit more of what goes into designing a quilt as I go along this time. (: