Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This could be the year!

How many weeks are left in this year? Not many and I say it every year...I'm going to drive my husband nuts. My friends are used to it and I know my husband is too, but this could be the last straw. Last night I was laying in bed trying to think of what it was I didn't like about two of our bedrooms. After looking at Cindy's house on Jennifer's blog http://www.theoldpaintedcottage.blogspot.com/ , and the post on Kari's blog from December 17th. http://kariandkijsa.blogspot.com/ I knew I wanted to do something.

First thing this morning, after his coffee, I made my husband help me move the bed in the front bedroom. We put it under the window and ta da! Instant gratification! Now I feel like working on the room again. It's amazing how the furniture arrangement affects the room and me! I'll share progress of this room as I go along. I need to make a slip cover for an old chair, find some things for the walls (ebay here I come) and work on the bedding.

Then it was into the "blue" room trying to figure out why I don't like this room. I know it's hard to live with a perfectionist that doesn't really like perfection and there was my answer! It's too perfect and it's not me. We've added hardwood floors since this picture was taken, so at least I have some brown in the room. I'm taking down the canopy drapes, adding some brown to the decorating. I'm even going to have him spray paint the wicker chair brown. I know he's thinking "I don't care what you do as long as it doesn't cost money". When has it not cost money? Little does he know. It's important for me to have my home my personal space so it's back to work on this room. Heaven help him.

Remember that free pattern a few posts back? Look at this little quit Amy made for her daughter's American Girl doll http://aerostitcher.blogspot.com./ It's little tiny kitties! Isn't it cute?