Friday, December 21, 2007

Pink Reindeer

Four things I absolutely love; pink & white glitter houses, pink reindeer, pink stars and pink stockings. Are you catching a theme here? This photo is a long time coming and I've promised Cindy at that I would send her a photo using the pink reindeer I bought from her. When my husband decided that this would be a good time to "rock" the fireplace the photo had to wait! I've been wanting this fireplace for six months but I never imagined he would do it two weeks before Christmas! Smart wife that I am, I've kept my mouth shut and told him how nice it looks! It does look nice as long as you don't look down at the hearth that doesn't have any grout yet, or the kraft paper with blue tape on the floor to protect it. The reindeer came from Cute Pink Stuff, the pink & white house is from my assistant Nireko, the pink star is from my friend Mary Jane Carey, and the stocking was made by Verna Mosquera! The result is a lucky combination of pink stuff! (Pardon the play on words Cindy!)
Here's a close-up of the special pink and white glitter box my assistant Nireko gave me for Christmas!

I'll wait for next year to give you a full photo of the fireplace (: