Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's Number 100!

It's post number 100 and Chelsea's so excited she can hardly contain herself! She's been bugging me all week to write this blog, and yes, I do feel guilty when I can't post. I love to stay in contact with all of you and even when I can't blog I'm thinking of you. So hooray for post number 100!!!!

Early this week, my fabric, Miss Emma's Garden arrived at my door! It's been non stop ever since. I've been waiting for this fabric forever and counting the days until it arrived. I even thought of calling customs and begging. Yes, I have lots of new patterns done, but Miss Emma is for my newest block of the month, so what's a designer to do? Well, the minute it gets in your hands you start sewing and you don't stop! I'm having so much fun It's time for a giveaway!

This little quilt is almost finished and I've decided to give away a complete kit and pattern to make this little charmer. If pink and beige are your colors, just leave a comment on this post and we'll have a drawing next weekend. You'll get the fabric, pattern, vintage buttons and ribbon so you can make one too! It's called Buttons and Bows and it's made from 5" squares. Sew easy!

Use it on a table, throw it over a chair, it's shabby chic and perfect for a cottage decor! Even better you can make it in a day!

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing a part of my life. It's amazing to me how these little blogs we share, make it a very small world afterall.

Hugs to all,

Anne (: