Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Son is Visiting from Spain!

My son is visiting from Spain! Before that he would have been visiting from Portugal and before that Germany. Even the word "visiting" sounds so strange to me. Who would think when you held that little baby in your arms that some day he would come back to "visit"? We raise our children as best we can and then send them off to create their place in the world. We can only hope that their part in this world will be a good one.

My youngest son works for a world wide solar company, and travels to help build these amazing creations of solar energy. His company is American based, but most of their work is in other parts of the world. America is behind other countries in this area, although he tells me that they are currently building the largest solar installation in America in the state of Nevada. Maybe we'll catch up!

So while I enjoy my time with him, take a look at these pictures. This is the project he worked on in Portugal! See that grass underneath the panels? It is "mowed" by sheep. Yes, sheep. Now how smart is that?

Good Day Sunshine! (: