Monday, August 20, 2007

That Lakehouse Dot

It's addictive...that Champagne Frosted Dot from Lakehouse fabrics. I can't get enough of it! Today the doorbell rang and the UPS man delivered 3 bolts of this wonderful fabric! It's the best basic dot anywhere and I use it in almost everything I do. So, if you're at your local quilt shop and you see this dot, pick up a few yards for your stash. Thank you Holly for all that wonderful fabric you do! Speaking of Holly, she's been thinking up some creative blog ideas, coming soon. Let's just say that my husband is excited because he gets the rewards. I'll have tired feet and a day spent in the kitchen...something that hasn't happened in a LONG time! Must be a man's dream come true. You were thinking something else? (:

New to our web site, we've added the best applique scissors we could find. A selection of German made, Dovo scissors are now available at . Sharp points, that cut those little curves with precision. How did I ever applique without them?

How's this for a first design? It's from my 5 year old grand-daughter Alyssa. I never thought about a flower with different colored petals before but hey why not!