Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Studio

Come along with me, I'm going to give you a tour of my studio loft! Pretend you are just walking up the stairs and as you reach the top this is what you see...the room is yellow with pink accents. Very feminine and a bit shabby!

On the left hand side is a walk in closet that holds fabric, copier, business file cabinets and that yucky ironing board we all need. I had a plug put in the closet so it would be its own little room. Things can be messy and you don't see them (no peaks, sorry).

Thanks to Pottery Barn I have the perfect work stations. Cutting height and lots of storage cubes. Add some bar stools and you never have to leave. Underneath the windows are my old sewing desks and file cabinets (also from Pottery Barn). 3 hours a day of direct sunlight so I had blinds installed. I love light, so most of the time the blinds are up.

Over in the right corner is my design wall, drafting table and yes, that old white TV! Doesn't Bessy look great next to my pretty pink featherweight? 3 sewing machines in all, but the little pink featherweight is my favorite. (A Pfaff and a Bernina are very happy here too. Not to insult the other machines...they do a lot of work for us.) All those little drawers under the TV hold the drawings etc. for the new quilts I'm working on.

From the closet area you can see my computer in the corner. I have a corner desk and a wireless lap top! I am one happy designer!