Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging Fever

You know you've got the fever when in the mail arrives a pink camera....

and you put it in your pink purse....

... and take it with you everywhere you go. Heavens knows you might want to take a picture of Home Goods or something else to blog about. I think I've gone over the deep end! (:

Now, if I could just catch up with the rest of technology and get rid of this archaic old bessy of a TV. I can't bear to part with her because then I can't watch my VCR tapes. And, have you tried to buy a white TV lately? Almost impossible. Black or silver only thank you very much! What happened to white? Don't they know women need a small white TV not some huge "thing" that spans the entire sewing room? And then how are you supposed to watch those VCR tapes? I'm not getting rid of her until I figure something out. Email me your ideas and tell me what you've done. I can't be the only one with this problem. When you see my studio pictures part three, Bessy will be in it with all her glory.

Cindy at I'm counting on you to come up with a pink solution to my TV problem! In case you didn't know, Cindy has the blogging fever too! She's got a new blog at Congratulations Cindy!