Sunday, July 1, 2007

A little paint does wonders!

Hey everyone! We have paint on our walls! Can you believe it? Well, it's just one room, and it's pretty small, but it's so exciting to walk in and see color! No curtains yet because I can't make a decision, but at least it looks like a finished room.

Do you see that little white roll top desk next to the bed? $109.00 is all I paid! It came from the same place I found my drafting table and my white hutch. I think no one noticed the little desk because it was filled with display things. I mean who would not buy it at that price? It came complete with the crystal knobs. So, where do I find all these treasures? If you live near Walnut Creek, California you are lucky! There's a little warehouse, open four days a month called . You can sign up for emails on their site and they will remind you of upcoming sales. Remember to leave room in the parking lot for me!

Chelsea has a pink flamingo!

And chew bones for those puppy teeth!

For those of you who were wondering, the litter box training is working. She is one smart little dog! I think there may be a bit of genius in her because she also sits on command (if you have a Cheerio in your hand).