Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Friday's Class

Magnetic pin holders made from tiny little butter plates!

Once a month, I have the sweetest group of ladies who meet at our local quilt store, Thimble Creek, for a class and a "get together". Last Friday I had a project prepared and we each made magnetic pin plates. This is such an easy project you may want to try it yourself! First I went on the hunt for small butter plates and I found them at an antique store in Oregon. You could also use china saucers or bread plates. Purchase a 1 1/2" magnet. Using a hot glue gun, glue the magnet to the bottom side of your plate. I used the "jewelry" glue sticks, but the "all purpose" might work. If your little plate is opaque you may want to paint your magnet first to avoid the shadow underneath. The stronger your magnet is the more pins it will hold! We used magnets that are magnetic on only one side. but if you use a double-sided magnet they might hold more pins. Oh these came out so cute!

Magnet glued to bottom of plate

We also had a show and tell and Vicki Chambers and Jean Deziak of Napa, brought their "Cream and Sugar" quilt to share. This was a joint effort quilt project made for a mutual friend. What a sweet thing to do for a friend, the lucky lady! What amazed me so much about their quilt...instead of making the scalloped border like the pattern, they inserted eyelet lace trim into the border seam. They mitered the corners of the lace and then the left it loose. No need to stitch the lace down! A round of applause please for these creative ladies! I may have to borrow this idea in the future!

Vicki Chambers and Jean Deziak

Enlarge this photo so you can see the lace trim!

I have no idea why this photo isn't enlarging! Sorry ):

As if the trim wasn't enough they added a few more embellishments around the leaves!

So now I'm all inspired and it's back to work on some applique designs!