Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tag You're It!

I've been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award! Does this mean I have to think? Oh NO!

OK, so this postcard is not exactly a tag game, but it's the best I could find! I've just been tagged by Leigh of http://www.cinnamonsticksss.blogspot.com/ and it's really kind of fun. What you have to do is List Your Five Most Favorite and Inspirational Blog Sites! Think about this...if we all list five, then soon everyone will click on those and go from blog to blog and it may never end! Oh my goodness I may have to take my lap top to market! (:

This might be a good thing because I've become very attached to my lap top. I spend all my days in front of it now. The sewing machine is getting dusty, the Pepsi has come out and I have papers all over the place. It's called working on patterns and it's that hardest part! So thank you Leigh, for making me think about something besides patterns! I needed a break!

My Five Favorite Blogs:

This was hard to do, because I love so many! Here it goes...I better get them before someone else does! May, http://www.abyquilt.blogspot.com/ you were already tagged!

1. Brenda at http://web.mac.com/fromlittleacorns/iWeb/Little%20Acorns/Little%20Acorns%20Blog/Little%20Acorns%20Blog.html
Wow look at that blog address. It's all because Bren is so smart and she's a graphic person so she works on a mac. She's a good friend and just wait until you see the new book she has coming soon! She'll have it on her site in a few days so be sure and check back. It's BEAUTIFUL! She is full of creative ideas I know she has a lot more planned for the future. When you see the book you will love it!

2. Pam at http://pamkittymorning.blogspot.com/ I love her blog and she is becoming famous very fast! No one calls her Pam anymore. Her name is Pam Kitty Morning. Talk about the Power of a blog! Not only does she help Elizabeth at Late Bloomer Quilts, but she is so on top of the blog world I am making a list of things to ask her at market. She's the one who got me started and she doesn't even know it! And the best part is she posts almost every day! Yeahhhhhhh Pam! Elizabeth I could tag you too but then Brenda and Pam would kill me!

3. Kim at http://deardaisycottage.typepad.com/daisy_cottage/ This is one of my favorites. Kim has such a wonderful blog, she shares her decorating, her recipes and all of her "finds" with us. I LOVE to read this blog. I come away inspired and amazed. It's like having your own magazine and a new issue comes every day! Thank you Kim!

4. Monica at http://www.thehappyzombie.com/blog/; She is the queen of blogging! It's amazing to me how many people she reaches and her writing is witty and wonderful to read. She was even featured in American Patchwork and Quilting! Thanks Monica for such a wonderful blog. Keep it up!

5. Julie at http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/my_weblog/; If you go to her blog you will immediately know why I love it. She is one of the most talented people around. Her creations are so precious! I love everything she makes and everything she writes. Thank you Julie for having such a wonderful blog! If you click on her blog links you will find many more fun blogs. She may not be able to carry on the award, she has kids home from school this week. We'll understand Julie. Just know I love your posts!