Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Easter From Bunny Hill!

Here's a little chick from our new pattern called Strawberry Hill. She's stopping by to say Happy Easter to all of you. Hope it doesn't rain on your egg hunt!

This is my favorite weekend of the whole year! It's just so exciting to see all those bunnies! Chocolate ones, stuffed ones, real ones, and that famous one dressed in the costume for all the kids to see! How many do you think there are? Well, here at Bunny Hill we're busy adding to the number of bunnies. We've come up with a tiny little wool bunny holding a bitty pin cushion. You'll be able to make her very soon if you have some scraps of wool laying around because she's coming as a new pattern at the end of April. Yes, that pincushion is a little thimble. She'll keep you company while you're quilting! She's tiny, only 5" tall! Happy Easter everyone! (: