Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who's on First?

Today has been one of those days. My husband is in California trying to sell our house and still processing the shipping for Bunny Hill. I'm in Oregon sewing away. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Not that we ever do, but long distance seems to make it worse.

My first business call today went something like this..."Hi, I've received 36 Flowers for Emma and I ordered 8 Pumpkin Hill". I wanted to suggest that Flowers for Emma is the perfect pattern for Valentines Day, but I didn't. After hanging up I was left wondering who received the Pumpkin Hill? This was only one of several of these phone calls.

When you ship a wrong package to someone, it creates this giant monster that just keeps growing and growing and pretty soon you have more and more people with the wrong orders. I have to tell you MY HUSBAND IS OUT OF CONTROL! There, I feel better just saying it. I never found the missing Pumpkin Hill patterns. They'll show up tomorrow, somewhere I'm sure. And of course I will blame my husband. One good thing did come from all this. Tomorrow my husband is driving to Oregon to spend a few days with me and the kitties. A much needed break for everyone! We'll go out to dinner on Friday and Saturday I'm dragging him antiquing. I find that in my business and life, when things aren't working I have to step away for a bit. This time I'm taking my husband with me (<:

Now, if I can just remember why we are doing all of this and whose idea it was. We are almost there and with every day we are a bit closer to moving into our new house. It has walls now! Walls! Who would ever think you could get excited about walls? Check out our walls...they've never looked so good.

See those windows upstairs? That's my new studio!

Stairway up to studio, it's amazing! Windows and lots of light! Must be heaven! I'm even excited about the wall plugs! I can plug in every known piece of equipment and not worry about blowing a breaker. Iron, TV, sewing machine all at the same time. It is heaven!

If you're going to place an order, please wait until next week for it to ship. Your chances of getting the right one will be greatly improved!