Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Newest Alexander Henry Fabric

OK, so where have these guys been? I've been out to the construction site of our new house and I know I would have remembered them. Alexander Henry must have found them somewhere. Are they in your neighborhood?

I was at our local quilt store this morning when this fabric arrived. I think it's so funny! Perhaps if I wasn't into fabric design it wouldn't be so amusing! My next fabric line has a few birds in it and to think I was worried about cutting up the fabric and just having part of a bird!

Here's what I'm going to do. If you leave a comment on this post you are automatically entered to win the 1 yard piece of this fabric. Free! I'll ship it to you and you can use it for what ever you like. Suggestions have been an apron, book cover, pillow case...no limit for this fabric. I'll have one of my friends who doesn't know all of you randomly pick a winner and then I'll post your name in the comment section. You have to email me your address if you win because blogger won't let me respond to your comments. Check back in a few days...you could be the lucky owner of this man fabric (gives a new meaning to the word man fabric doesn't it?) (<: