Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bunny Drawer Pull

Remember when I said that I had too many collections and I had to weed some out? It's hard to do when you sit down at your computer and decide to check on a few sites you have bookmarked. I don't feel guilty because now that I have a blog, I have to find things to share with you! Right?

I found this shop quite by accident one day. I think I had typed in the search word rabbit or bunny. I couldn't believe it when I clicked onto this site!
It's filled with bunny things to buy! Filled! The best part is that it's a non-profit organization dedicated to rabbit rescue. Yes, rabbit rescue...those bunnies that people adopt because they are so cute as babies and then decide they really don't want them when they grow up. Lots of that going around.

I think I may have to buy the bunny cameo. It's not like it's something that will take up space in my new house. Of course when I saw the drawer pulls this morning I started thinking about what I could put them on, how many I would have to buy, and how much it might cost. Oh my goodness, it's a good thing I'm in Oregon and don't have to hide any UPS boxes when they come. (: