Friday, December 29, 2006

A New House and A New Year

I’m in big trouble. We went to visit our new house yesterday. It’s twice the size of the one we have now. Somehow the foundation looked so small to me! After seeing the model, my son suggested we actually measure to make sure it was the same size. They tell me that when the walls go up our perception will change. I hope so because I’ve been looking around at my so called collections and realize I am having a hard time parting with any. Not only can’t I part with any, but my list is getting longer.

So here’s my plan…

I absolutely can’t buy another “collection” piece before we move. I will have to lock myself up but so what? I’ll get more designed that way! I am banned from EBay, antique stores, yard sales, and any web sites that have cute stuff. No rabbits, chocolate molds or lambs, even with Easter right around the corner I can’t give in.

Group your collections and it makes them more interesting! 32 chocolate molds in the dining room could make for great conversations on holidays. When I buy the hutch to display them in, that’s all my husband will talk about. He has no idea what’s coming and I don’t let him read my blog so I’m safe for now.