Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love a good start to a New Year!

It’s January 5th and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  Jumping for joy over here at Bunny Hill!  It’s time to introduce my newest Free block of the month!

snowbound banner

It’s my way of saying THANK YOU to all of you wonderful blog readers, customers, quilters, friends,  animal lovers, and just plain nice people out there!  Thank you for reading my blog, buying my patterns, buying my fabrics, putting up with my attempts at being funny, listening to me go on and on about my pets, my life, and myself LOL!

Thank you dear readers for being who you are!  Each of you unique and exciting!  Here's my little gift for all of you! 

Introducing  “SNOWBOUND”, my newest block of the month for 2010!  Please feel free to grab my badge and use it on your blog or Yahoo group!  “SNOWBOUND” is going to be fun!


And, I’ve started a new Flickr group so you can share your blocks as you finish!  Just click on the badge in the right column and you’ll be there!  Join in the fun and make some new friends.  Snowmen warm your heart and “Snowbound” is going to be filled with them!

Snowbound Block One (2)

Remember the fabric I showed you a few months ago?  “Rural Jardin”?  Well, I’ve been using it for “Snowbound”!  It’s the perfect blends of blues, creams and reds.  I LOVE this fabric!

On the work table now

I’ll be posting the complete directions to make this quilt (no, not all the blocks, you have to wait for those), just as soon as we’ve tested the pattern.  I have speed demons who test…shouldn’t be too long.

“Rural Jardin” is coming to your local quilt shop in March.  You’ll have time to get ready should your little heart love this fabric as much as mine!  Or, get creative and choose your own!  Surprise me!

Happy 5th!