Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

I really thought 2009 would bring a new addition to the studio.  It was such a good idea, adding on an extra 400 square ft. of working space.   I began to doubt it several months ago, when plans failed to arrive, deadlines weren't met, and frustrations began to build.  When the plans finally arrived, and the bids came in, the cost was outrageous.  Seems California will never change.  Things here cost more.  We haven’t learned a thing.  It’s a crazy business this one called construction.  Crazy. 

So we’ve said no to the addition with almost a sense of relief.  And now I start 2010 with a new goal; Learn to do with what I have and simplify my life. 

So welcome 2010!  Tomorrow I will greet you with open arms! 

Tonight I say goodbye to 2009 surrounded by the little blessings in my life!

What goes on in the studio

 Chelsea Closeup 2 

And, as I listen to the fireworks going off outside, I realize I’m blessed to have an old dog who can no longer hear.  Sleep little Bitsy.  Tomorrow is a new year!


Happy 2010 Everyone! It’s going to be a good, good year!