Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bias Maker Heaven

Bias Maker

If you haven’t used one of these little tools for making bias strips you are in for a treat!  You can have perfect bias in no time at all!  Think of all the little basket handles you can make!  It’s so easy!  Follow me…

Start with a square of fabric.  Fold diagonally, wrong sides together.

Step One Fold

Press the fold…

Step Two Press

Now let’s go over to the cutting mat…

Line up ruler on the pressed fold line and cut diagonally across the square.

Step Three Ruler

Bias makers come in assorted sizes.  The general rule is to cut the fabric strip double the width of the bias maker.  For example:  Cut 1/2” strip for a 1/4” bias maker…

Measure your fabric…

 Step Four Meausre

and cut the strip…

 Step Five Cut

…and back to the ironing board we go!

To protect your ironing board from spray starch, cover it with a scrap of muslin or plain fabric.  Lay the fabric strip right side down on top of the scrap and spray the cut strip with starch.

Step Six Spray Starch

Insert the end of the strip into the wide end of the bias maker as shown in the photo below.

Step Seven Insert Into Bias Maker

Now, flip the bias maker over (see below) and insert a straight pin into the hole on the back of the bias maker.  Use the  pin to push the fabric through the maker and out the other (narrow) end.

Step Eight Turn Over

See?  Look at the photo below!  There’s a little folded strip coming out!

Step Nine Pull Through 

Now, turn it back over, and place the edge of your iron next to end of bias maker.  Pull the bias maker down the strip of fabric, and move the iron along with it.  Keep the iron right next to the edge of the bias maker. Step Ten Iron

Pick up the iron after about an inch, and check to see that your strip is folding correctly.  If not, just push the bias maker back up the strip and start again.

Step Eleven Iron & Pull

Look at this finished basket handle!  All you need to do is take it to your background fabric and appliqué in place!

Step Twelve Finished!

See?  Told you that was easy!  If you’re using a larger square of fabric for a LONG piece of bias, spray the strip with starch as you go along.  You’ll have a mess if you spray the whole strip at once. 

So you’re ready to make the bias strip handle on the basket you’ll see on Thursday!   See you then!