Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nordstrom cookbooks

Thank you to all the ladies who attended my class yesterday!  It was so much fun for me!  Amazing that everyone selected  a different fabric for the quilt!  That is truly a first for me! 

Everyone received a “Ritter Maker” from our very own Nancy Ritter!  Template plastic designed specifically to center yo-yo’s on the background blocks.   You place it on top of the background block, put a thin line of basting glue on the back of the yo-yo, center it in the Ritter Maker, press in place and remove the maker!   Has a scotch tape handle so you can pick it up!

Ritter Maker

Nordstrom Bread Pudding

Brigette made the Nordstrom white chocolate bread pudding.  Yummmmm!  Double baked, with shaved white chocolate and raspberry sauce.  Heaven.

Did you know that Nordstrom has cookbooks?  They publish, keep them for a bit and then retire them.  Makes me want them.  Want them enough to go shopping on Amazon to try and find the first one.   There are a total of 3 so far!  


You’ll find the bread pudding recipe in the “Friends and Family Cookbook,” online at Nordstrom!  Just do a search for cookbooks and you’ll see them!  These make great gifts for the cooks on your list. 

And Chickie this photo is for you…

Target Christmas

These are from Target!  I was talking about the larger tree in class. Sold out in our area. Everywhere.  No trees to be found, and of course they are darling!  I have one of how many thousands do you think Target sold?

If you couldn’t come to class, you can still have bread pudding!  Let’s see, 4 cups cream, 18 eggs, and how much white chocolate?  Are you kidding?  Oh my!