Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moving onto Christmas

While you were out shopping, going to holiday parties, or sewing those last minute gifts, I was surrounded by computers.    Bunny Hill became “networked” over the weekend and it wasn’t fun.  A love/hate relationship for sure!  I got a little sidetracked from decorating, so back to Christmas…

Remember the picture of the snowmen in front of the vintage dough bowl?

Snowmen decorate the table

Here’s a peek inside the bowl! 

Wood bowl

It’s filled with silver and pink Christmas balls with a few pinecone balls for texture. 

Filled is actually an understatement. 

Ornament closeup

The bowl is a large size and it took about 8 boxes of  ornaments to fill it. 

More ornaments

Using the containers you already have is a quick way to decorate for Christmas.  Fill those wood bowls, glass jars and baskets with anything Christmas! 

Glitter Birds


Bitty Bird

Pink is a basic for my decorating, but then I mix in a lot of brown, red, white and silver.

Coffee Table

Snowmen Under Glass

Look around your house.  Do you have containers waiting to be filled?  Put a little Christmas in them!