Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Love With Color Cards!

The brown tuck came again yesterday. 


UPS…and left this stack of boxes!  Hummm…see some United Notions boxes in this stack! 


It means more “French General” Pincushions AND this color card…


Can you believe it?  This is the Moda Bella color card!  I am so in love with this card and this fabric!  This is the best solid collection ever and it comes in all these colors! 

You’ll find Bella fabric in almost every design I make.  Bella =  variety & easy to find fabric.   The next time you’re shopping, stock up on a selection of Moda Bella.  You’ll have an instant rainbow of useable color! 

I’m off to sew for the rest of the afternoon!  What a great weekend for appliqué!