Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Basket and Embroidery Day!

A Tisket, A Tasket it's time for our next basket! I've been crazed with how to get everything to post at the same time; newsletter, blog, web site and flickr group.

I finally came to this conclusion. Forget it! I don't have a Moncia, Happy Zombie super talented computer person in my pocket, so I give up. Chelsea's the only one here right now. She has her jammies on and wants to go to bed. Tee Hee! So I set this post to magically appear at midnight PST and if you're reading this now, it worked! Author has added this comment: Chelsea forgot to hit publish so you'll be reading this at 6:30Am PST.

We've been busy at Bunny Hill! My line of Chelsa Manor fabric has made me into a wild designer! I've decided to introduce my mystery quilt in redwork too! Here's the sample of block number one. You'll find the directions here!

And finally my next basket block! The basket treats for February are two little birds and Valentine hearts! "Tweet" song of February! You'll find the pattern here!

Here's the redwork version...

You'll find the embroidery directions in the same file as the applique version. Just one file to download!

To see a wool version of block two, go to Cottons n' Wool. We both set our blogs to post at midnight (I hope).

So ready, set, go! February is a short month!


Oh, and please be patient with our web site. We're working on solving any problems. Keep trying because I have a feeling it has to do with traffic on the free pattern page. ( :