Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little Bits of my studio!

It's tour day so grab your computer mouse and come along with me! I'm calling this "Studio Part Two" because you'll find part one at! The Fat Quarter Shop has a new blog and you will love it! They've got lots of surprises coming up so you'll want to visit often! I'm so excited and honored to be Kimberly's first guest designer! Thank you Kimberly and thank you for the wonderful blog!

So, visit Kimberly's site, then come back and I'll tell you about some of the things you see in the photos.

The old shabby cabinet you see above is my prize possession. It's a rare antique that came from a men's clothing store in San Francisco. Each shelf has antique wood trays that pull out, and glass doors that fold down. It holds all my trims, buttons and beads so they are within easy reach! You know how I love to embellish those quilts! It's centered on the back wall with bookshelves on both sides.

On the stairs we've hung Dolley's Garden. A big thank you to my very brave husband for defying the odds and hanging this quilt! I have a horrible fear of heights, so I wasn't much help. All I could do was sit on the floor and try and hold the ladder. The work table in front of the railing is a crafting place for my grand kids that also doubles as a work station when they're not around!

My friends know that I'm a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart. They groan a bit when I talk about her, but I love everything she does. The rose wreath you see above is from Martha Stewart.

Surrounded by vintage china plates it hangs proudly on my wall! Real roses that have been preserved in such a way that they are still soft! I hope Martha saved one for herself!

My favorite applique thread is DMC Machine Embroidery Thread. A Matchbox car holder has become a storage place for all my threads. It's double sided and I can flip it over and see another 50 colors!

You've heard me talk about Cindy at before. Well if you haven't gone over for a visit you're missing treasures like the pink box above. This sits between two sewing machines and holds seam ripper (hardly used), pin cushion, scissors etc. My studio is filled with finds from Cindy and I'll share some more in part three.

You'll have to wait for part three. I have to clean up before I can take photos. It's such a mess right now I can't have company! More photos soon, after I finish the next applique quilt and pick those threads up off the floor. Of course this is all subject to approval by the committee you saw in my last post.