Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cozy Corner

This is a huge thing! You have no idea, but it's taken months just to get this corner of our bedroom put together. Yes, months! It's gone something like this...

  • order the day bed
  • order the pillow shams and pillow inserts
  • buy the mattress
  • order the curtains & blinds
  • bribe husband with enchilada dinner if he hangs the curtain rods
  • daybed arrives and spend the day re-arranging the whole bedroom because someone measured wrong (good thing I'm better at quilting)

So now I'm off to find pictures for the wall, make some contrast pillows for the day bed and even paint a lamp shade or two. Then maybe I can read a book on the daybed? Well maybe sometime next year. There's still an entire house to work on not to mention new designs. Maybe I'll bring out the vintage pillow cases in place of making pillows! How smart is that?