Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bitsy Button Comes To Stay

Chelsea has a friend! She's 12 years old and just look at her! Those eyes say it all. She was lost, collarless, shaking and afraid. My husband picked her up and brought her home. Off we went to our local vet for the microchip scan and a few tests. She was declared healthy and without a microchip!

So, how do I know she's 12 years old? Her owner posted flyers around the neighborhood and we found one. It was very hard for me to call, because by this time I was in dog LOVE. I did the right thing and called. Guess how it turned out...she's mine to keep! A 12 year old, wonderful little Fox Terrier. A gentle little soul if there ever was one!

Her owners came by to meet us and decided Bitsy had found a perfect home. They have 4 other dogs and knew Bitsy was happy here. So she's ours! She's not ready for the nursing home yet, and I'm sure she has lots of love left to give. She's in for some dental work and a microchip in a few weeks and then she'll be ready for the Terrier Olympics!

I can see I'll be designing a quilt called Bitsy Button!