Friday, January 5, 2007

Things To Be Thankful For...

I love the new year! I love the expectation it brings, the sense of excitement I get just thinking about what new things I can do, and the fulfillment that comes from getting my "nest" in order. My nest is a bit of a mess right now as I sort through things to keep and things that need to go, but I can hardly contain my excitement! I've made a list a mile long and I will feel so good and so in control as I cross each one off!

A new year, the end of the first week and suddenly it hit me that I have so much to be thankful for. I wonder if I ever take enough time to think about this? Just look at this photo! I'm surrounded by good friends who also quilt and applique for me. How lucky can someone get? I happened to stop by our local quilt store yesterday and there they were! We decided it had to be a photo moment. So, from left to right please meet Nancy, Kris, Me, Bobbie and Heidi.

I've so many dear friends, family, four legged pets and people like you to be thankful for! It's because of you that I cherish the new year. It's because of you that my life feels full. It's because of you that Bunny Hill is so much fun. Happy New Year to you all! May your life be filled with things to be thankful for too.

My treasures sometimes come in an email. Things that amaze me and make me smile...the thoughtfulness of a picture or two. It's these things that make quilting so much fun. I had to share with you the pictures from Marlene Ball...she has just finished Rabbits Prefer Chocolate and it is so beautiful! She used Moda's Faded Memories as her main fabric, and then added tiny rick rack and bias binding for trim. For all of you who can't find the lace, here is a great idea! Thank you Marlene for these photos!

One more thing before I end this post...I just added a free pattern on my website for my fabric line "My Sweet Baby" . Yes, it's free! I'll keep it there for awhile, so don't worry it will be there when my fabric ships to the stores. Look under "New Fabric", scroll down and click on the link.