Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is my first quilt…

I may have loved pink, but I lived with red. Cottage red and yellow. 

The date was  January, 1997.  It was the year of Debbie Mumm, brick fabric and the color red.   I took my first quilt class from Laura Nownes.   “Quilts, Quilts, Quilts” by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes was the book.  My copy is FILLED with notes.

Making Notes

Notes that allowed me to make this sampler quilt…

First Quilt

I was obsessed with this quilt.  I loved this craft called quilting and I couldn’t get enough. My first theory  in 1997 was if you made the quilt, you HAD to hand quilt it!  A theory that didn’t last very long.

That’s not binding on the quilt.  It’s the backing basted to the front.  Much of the quilt is still basted together. My first quilt remains unfinished, but at least I can say I tried.  Horrible quilting, but I tried!  Even used the wrong batting, but I still tried.  And the appliqué?  Well, if you messed up a point just take a few extra stitches over it.  Oh my! There’s hope for us all!

Double stitch those points

My second theory in 1997 was houses had to be made out of brick fabric…I would have NEVER considered pink flowers!  I collected all the brick fabric I could find.  Who knew when I’d need another house? Humm… wonder what happened to all that brick fabric? I bet Laura hid it!

The year of Debbie Mumm

Getting better

Now this may surprise you, but I still live with red and still love it.  Our master bedroom is filled with red.   That’s not pink on the bed, but a red & white toile.  My first quilt sits on a shelf in this room.  Folded neatly, waiting for the “quilter” to re-appear. 

Master Bedroom

My most recent quilt, that I can show you is “A Vintage Christmas”.  Pink & Red

A Vintage Christmas email

It goes perfectly in my home at Christmas! 

Dining Room

Feather tree blog

veggie Chelsea

Chelsea loves my last quilt.  She’s a vintage kind of dog and she loves Christmas!  Right Chelsea? (Disappointed in the plastic veggie tray…she wanted silver I’m sure.) Oh, and did I tell you she LIKES my first quilt?  She told me so this morning! Reminds her of the tomatoes on this veggie tray! 

Thanks Camille and Carrie for thinking up this first quilt idea!