Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chelsea Manor Give Away Time!

Chelsea is so excited! Look at what arrived in the big brown truck yesterday! It’s her fabric line! March blog 007

How often does a pudgy little Chihuahua get a fabric line delivered? Not often according to UPS. Why not even the star of the Chihuahua movie got this!

My bunny helpers Robin & Nancy carried in bundles of fabric and now Chelsea won’t stop talking about fabric. Chelsea wants 3 lucky winners to have a bundle and she wants to choose the winners. Ok Chelsea, down girl. Sit and stay. You can pick the winners!

Chelsea Manor bundle

Let’s make this little dog happy. Leave a comment on this post and she’ll pick 3 winners on Monday, March 30th.

Chelsea Manor Web

Three of you will be sewing away with this fabric next week! In case you can’t wait it’s also on our web site now.

Hugs from,

Anne & Chelsea