Saturday, February 7, 2009


In the mail came something so unexpected! Carrie of Miss Rosie fame, sent me the sweetest pink shopping bag along with pink little notebooks. She said she thought of me when she saw the pink! You can bet these will be going to market with me and now I'll have to buy something pink to wear! Darn. That's so hard for me to do! Thanks Carrie! Chelsea sends her love to Miss Rosie ( :

Then yesterday, Anne of Cottons n' Wool fame, met me for lunch and shopping. She's in the area visiting her mom, so we got to spend some time together. HomeGoods was the place to be seen and the store was filled with bunnies. The Easter kind! I fell in love with this guy. He's so gentle and kind looking...

...And he's all glittery! He found a good home at Bunny Hill.

And look at what I found to hold my business cards at Spring quilt market! A bunny pushing a carrot car! He's glittery too!

Then when I got home this little guy was waiting for me. He's my latest eBay purchase. A Fitz and Floyd bunny pitcher.

Yes, you could say my day was perfect. Bunny days are just the best!

And a BIG thank you to all who waited so patiently for my web site to catch up with you on Thursday. C R A W L I N G is too fast of a word to describe what was happening. If you had dial up you must have wanted to kill me. And to think we have 10 months left to go. On the 5th of each month the Bunny Hill web site might have a melt down so please keep trying. Some of you got on fine and others waited 3 hours or more.

If anyone knows how to add a pdf file to blogger please email me! It would help so much if you could download the files from here!

Look at the very first version of block # 2 to arrive in my mail box! Trelly lives in Spain and they are about 9 hours ahead of us, so she was sewing while the rest of us were sleeping! She had this darling block done before I even got up! Isn't it cute? Her block was in my email as soon as I got up on Friday morning!

Be sure and check out my flickr group. I can't believe all the blocks that are posted already! It's so much fun seeing all the different versions!

Have a great weekend!