Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mooch and such

I'm such a tease, but I just couldn't help myself. There was Mooch, framed perfectly in front of the quilt I'm getting ready to send off to my quilter. It was the perfect photo so I grabbed the camera and clicked. I know, I know, you can't really SEE the quilt but Mooch doesn't seem to care. And chances are you'll see that quilt soon enough. Remember this photo is about cats not quilts.

My DH just came back from Bend, Oregon pulling a trailer filled with things I love. Things we're bringing back from our Bend house before we sell it. Things that I've been longing for. I'll be showing you more photos throughout the week, but first up are the bunny beds! They're here at our house and we set them up in the new bunny bedroom! (If you didn't already notice I used the term DH and I so proud of myself! I'm catching on to the new lingo so fast you could soon be reading this blog in code!) And I should add that the bunny bedroom is definately NOT the master bedroom. I'll show you that room later in the week.

The antique "Chocolate" box on the bed is for the kitties, of course! If there's a bed in a room and you have a cat you know what to expect. So I put the box on top of the bed, filled it with a soft, snugly cover, and now it's usually taken by a cat.

And then I spent part of the weekend winding ribbon around these special spools I bought from Jennifer Gray at I LOVE Jennifer and you can't all go begging for spools because she'll kill me. She's totally remodeling the new house they just bought and getting ready to move in! But in the middle of chaos she was able to send me an assortment of these old, worn, beautiful spools. Thank you Jennifer! I absolutely LOVE them.

Oh and stay tuned because later this week, after I get my act together (ha), I have another giveaway that will take you on a mini scavenger hunt. That's right! A scavenger hunt remember those? Ready, set....NO you don't get the spools! Sorry.